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"Our NEWEN CONTOUR-BB™ is a critical tool used in our development process. It allows us to make quick adjustments to valve seat profiles, which in the past would have meant ordering a variety of form cuters. Now we can do a week worth of form cuters in a few hours while the project is fresh in our minds. Once we go to production, the CONTOUR-BB™ gives us great accuracy to ensure we are giving our customers a quality product over and over."


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"We have been using the NEWEN CONTOUR-BB machine now for over 13 years and it has been a game changer for our Business with its accuracy and speed, and when it comes to multi valve heads that are shim adjusted it is saving us plenty of time. We couldn’t be happier with this machine and with over 13 years’ use and thousands and thousands of heads machined we would never hesitate to recommend these machines."

Trevor CARR


“I just wanted to send you a quick message to say how happy we are with our NEWEN FIXED-TURNING® valve seat machine. I don't believe there is any other machine available in the market that comes close to it for accuracy and repeatability, single point cutting offers unparalleled versability in seat profiles. It is especially good with all the unusual seat angles that manufacturers are using nowadays, it's simply a mater of setting up a profile to the seat requirements and the job is done instead of waiting months for a one-off cuter. Unparalleled excellence."

Robert LUSH

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"All Pro Cylinder Heads has had 2 CONTOUR-BB machines over the last 14 years, and I consider it one of the best business investments we have made. When accuracy and precision are utmost, they are job 1."



"When our customers are paying us for the best, we choose the best equipment to give our customers what they ask for. We chose NEWEN".

3V PERFORMANCE "Engines with Attitude!"

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"The NEWEN CONTOUR™ has allowed us to perform precise changes in our valve job R&D program throughout the years. We trust that NEWEN will provide utmost accuracy in concentricity for the products we produce and the CONTOUR™ allows us to make rapid changes to our profiles giving us the advantage of learning quickly and providing our customers with intricate profiles."

Christopher FRANKS

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"When doing these heads with 4mm valve stems our NEWEN CONTOUR-BB™ gives us the absolute best in concentricity and circularity. We would not imagine doing them on the old form tool machines. Precision creates precision, added the California based shop owners".



"Our Shop is the typical small 1–5-person family business. Investing in a machine like the NEWEN CONTOUR™ has always been a far dream for us, drooling over the YouTube videos and planning. Years of savings made it possible to make the investment. Now after several years it seems like the best investment we have ever made. This machine has acted as a leverage to the entire business, providing the necessary confidence that each job that leaves the shop combined with our many years of experience and know-how is top notch with absolute precision that only a CNC system can provide. This leads to happy customers and the cycle repeats."

Theodosios AGAPPITOS


"The NEWEN CNC valve seat machine gives us endless scope when creating valve seat, throat cut and top angle designs. We spend a lot of time testing seat designs, and we find the gains accordingly. Because we can."

Kevin BAN


"We have been using our machine for many years and have machined many cylinder heads for Porsche and VW boxer engines. We also process cylinder heads from other brands, including motorcycle cylinder heads. Our customers appreciate the consistent and good quality of our valve seat machining. The processing eliminates additional work such as grinding in valves, we can ensure optimal performance and longevity for our processing and engines. Due to the large number of possibilities offered by the NEWEN machining center, there are numerous new developments by us for our classic boxer engines."

Michael KIEFER


"NEWEN CONTOUR™ machine offers us a giant step over competition. We provide our customers with the best machining capability technology has to offer. The machine and company have never let us down".


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"Single cylinder? 2, 3, 4, 6, 8??
You asked for it, Let's do it, NEWEN. We purchased our first machine back in 2016 and second purchased in 2021. Since that, we have not looked back. It allows us to make quick adjustments to valve seat profiles, which in the past would have meant ordering a variety of form cutters. Once we go to production, the CONTOUR-BB™ gives us great accuracy to ensure we provide the highest quality to our customers over and over and over and over and over again."


Nasty 01.JPG

"Just a man and his machine... plus a whole stack of heads...

Daniel J Lamey


"Adding the NEWEN CONTOUR-BB™ to my shop has been a game changer! The quality of valve seats that this machine produces is far superior to any other method period. This machine has taken my shop to the next level".


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"Our NEWEN FIXED-TURNING® has been ultra dependable and provides high quality valve seats across a spectrum of engines. It is adaptive and capable of rapid changes for testing and development of head/port geometry. Its operational characteristics make it very efficient and increase productivity. It has excellent safety features which prevent operator injury and damage to the machine. We have been extremely pleased with our NEWEN FIXED-TURNING® machine and its capabilities".



"We love our NEWEN CONTOUR™! We purchased our machine in 2019 and have not looked back. It has allowed us to provide the highest quality to our customers as well as innovate and develop technologies that help us win at the track. It is a must for any serious cylinder head shop".



“I absolutely love my 3 NEWEN CONTOUR-BB™’s. They print money.”

Bill DiCondida


“8 Ferrari 246-cylinder heads prepared on our Super NEWEN CONTOUR™ machine!”


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“All of our valve jobs are done on one of our 3 NEWEN CNC valve jobs machines, some of the best valve job equipment in the world! “



"Revolution Performance offers a complete suite of best-in-class cylinder head maintenance services including CNC valve jobs and seat and guide replacement. If you want maximum performance and reliability from your engine, precise CNC cylinder head maintenance is a must. Revolution Performance uses state of the art digital CNC machining technology like the NEWEN CONTOUR-BB™ Turning center."


DJ Precision.JPG

“We sure love our NEWEN it has increased our productivity, and quality all at the same time!!
For the best Cummins heads hit us up!!
Did you know even our HP reman cylinder heads get the same valve guide, valve seat, and valve job as our stage 1 and 2 heads. They also come with thread in soft plugs under the valve cover to solve a common issue of blowing the stock plug out.
This is a NEWEN CNC seat and guide machine. This machine gives us unlimited flexibility to design any valve job profile we want. You can see the top and throat angles are designed with a radius instead of an angle for maximum low lift flow. This machine also provides unparalleled concentricity, and the best valve seal in the industry.”



"AFR has had the pleasure of doing business with NEWEN for over 20 years. Throughout these years, NEWEN has been our #1 company of choice for valve job machines. We have owned three different generations of these valve job machines including a GII™, EPOC™ and the newer CONTOUR™ machine. We currently utilize two EPOC™ and two CONTOURs™ in production.
As a cylinder head manufacturer, we place immense importance on the quality of machinery in order to successfully meet our production goals. NEWEN’s machinery has exceeded all expectations in terms of reliability and ease of operation. Our production team is able to confidently trust that these machines will be able to manage our large daily output with minimal concern for maintenance requirements.
Above all, NEWEN’s machinery proves exceptionally advantageous from the research and development side of our work. Designing new valve job profiles for new product designs is seamless with the technology NEWEN has to offer. We look forward to many more years of excellent service and state-of-the-art products NEWEN has to offer."

Chris Paul

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In the never-ending race for horsepower in our V8 engines, we have found our new EPOC™ machine from NEWEN has improved our ability to produce the results we require. The capacity to reproduce what we require quickly and accurately has been a benefit to our output as well as the quality of the cylinder head."


Nigel Barclay



"NEWEN has expanded our R&D capabilities. It allows us to repeat a winning combination with accuracy and speed. The NEWEN EPOC™ is amazing".


Mike Tesar



"The EPOC™ is very good. The quality is excellent, and the service is good. I am very happy with the EPOC. Thank you"


Peter Novis


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"On large and very hard seats the EPOC™ has no equal in both speed and precision".


Padraic Corcoran



"My small company has been at the leading edge of cylinder head design since 1974. Over the years, I 've tried to stay ahead of the competition in both engineering and equipment technologies. The NEWEN FIXED-TURNING machinery has always attracted my attention, however I am 60 years old and the thought of a "runaway" computer-controlled machine destroying a valuable cylinder head has always made the choice of a "human-controlled" machine an easy one when I have purchased new equipment. If something went wrong, I could always blame myself... A little over a year ago, my latest acquisition (a Serdi 4.0) began having centering problems and their technicians couldn't find a solution to the problems (and still haven't). I was faced with either finding a machine that could hold the tolerances I require (on our Honda racing heads) or closing my doors. I was desperate, and the only choice left was that scary NEWEN CONTOUR-BB™. We received the machine in one week, and a NEWEN employee spent 4 days training the three of us (myself and two employees), and our business has been flourishing ever since. The NEWEN has reduced the time of doing valve seats from 4 hours to 30 minutes, and the quality of the seats (concentricity and surface finish) is in a league all its own compared to machines using traditional form cutters. Our NEWEN is in large part responsible for us receiving a contract to do all the race heads for Honda Research and Development. In our first program, we were able to test over two hundred different seat configurations in a three-day period. The unique designs we developed netted 58HP over anything the Honda engineers had ever seen, and the two otherwise stock engines we prepared for them finished 1st and 2nd in the season-opening Grand-Am event at Daytona. In fact, the two cars finished a lap ahead of the 3rd place entry! Most recently we have also been hired by Mazda to prepare heads for their sponsored entries in several road racing series, and we are also handling development of a new 1.6-liter road racing power plant for North American Honda. I do not believe that we could have accomplished any of this without the NEWEN CONTOUR™. Despite my fear of computers, I have found that programming complex valve seat designs is extremely fast and easy with NEWEN's user friendly software, and the machine is so easy to use that my least experienced employee is the one who gets the call to do most of the valve seats. The NEWEN has transformed my business from what was essentially a hobby shop to one where we are booked solid with work on a continuous basis. My only regret today is that I didn't buy one of these machines several years earlier".


Larry Widmer



"With its 1900 employees in Europe and North America, MECACHROME is recognized as one of the leaders in high precision parts manufacturing. MECACHROME has a total of more than 350 CNC machines and counts amongst its customers companies such as ROLLS ROYCE, SNECMA, BOEING and AIRBUS for the aerospace industry but also PORSCHE, AMG, RENAULT TRUCKS, RENAULT, PEUGEOT PSA for the automotive industry. MECACHROME is particularly involved in Motorsports since it manufactures components for all the Formula 1 Teams, some NASCAR engine manufacturers, and a few rally teams. MECACHROME is also designing and manufacturing its own engines, supplying 600 hp V8 units to the 52 cars involved in the GP2 Asia and GP2 Main series championships. In their search for ever increasing engine performance and reliability, whether it is in Formula 1 or for industrial diesel power units, engine designers are now requiring extremely tight values for valve seat roundness and location tolerance to the guide. To meet their demand, MECACHROME has investigated several possibilities including seat cutting using shaped tools but, in the end, MECACHROME has chosen to use NEWEN machines which are specifically designed for valve seat cutting. The special FIXED-TURNING process itself, the technology, the quality of the machines and the invaluable know-how of their people means NEWEN is the first of the field by far. With seat roundness figures of typically 1 micron and location to the guide of less than 10 microns, the level of stress in the valves is close to zero and the seat sealing, and wear levels are unbeatable."




“For all of you predator fans! 16 new Moldstar 90 seats getting installed on the NEWEN. I hated this job on my old machine, but it is a breeze now!”



“I have been a proud owner of the NEWEN EPOC™ Cylinder Head Machine since its purchase in 2003. Over the span of more than two decades, this machine has consistently exceeded my expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and versatility.
First and foremost, the NEWEN EPOC™ has proven to be remarkably robust. With only routine maintenance and the replacement of normal serviceable parts, it continues to operate flawlessly. The valve seats it produces stand out for their exceptional concentricity and surface finish, consistently meeting the highest quality standards.
The machine's versatility has been a game-changer for my business in the Automotive Engine Reconditioning field. It effortlessly handles a wide range of cylinder heads, from small Briggs and Stratton single-cylinder heads to more complex applications such as a Daihatsu DS28 multivalve
marine engine with a 4" inlet valve from a tugboat. Regardless of the task, the NEWEN EPOC™ consistently delivers outstanding results.
In terms of maintenance, I've only had to perform a computer and software upgrade at the six-year mark, replace pentagraph struts seven times, and change a servo on the carriage axis at year 10. Remarkably, I haven't even needed to change the hydraulic oil during its 20-year service life.
The NEWEN EPOC™ has been a cornerstone of my business's success, facilitating growth and enabling me to meet diverse customer demands in the Automotive Engine Reconditioning field. Its flexibility, accuracy, and repeatability have been nothing short of remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend the NEWEN EPOC™ to anyone in the field seeking to enhance their business capabilities and secure their future.
In conclusion, the NEWEN EPOC™ has been a reliable workhorse that has consistently exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional performance year after year. It has played a pivotal role in my business's success, and I have full confidence that it can do the same for others in the industry.”

Allan Morgan (Director)


"There is no substitute for Quality and Precision!  NEWEN CNC Cutter  🇺🇸🇺🇸 Never stop Learning!"


Junar Gollaba MATEO


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