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Objective No-limit !

NEWEN® EPOC-VISION™ :  3+1 Axis Single Point CNC Valve Seat & Guide Machine.


                          - Max X-Axis Travel                                            1320mm (51.97”)

                          - Max Y-Axis Travel                                            80mm (3.15”)

                          - Max Z-Axis Travel                                            327mm (12.87”)

                 CYLINDER HEAD DIMENSIONS      

                          - Maximum height (w/o removing pilot)      810mm (31.89”)

                          - Maximum length                                              unlimited

                          - Maximum width                                               unlimited



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EPOC-VISION™ (Worldwide Patented • A NEWEN® Exclusive!)
EPOC-VISION™ The Most Universal Machine Ever Built Machine seats ranging in diameter from 13.5mm (.52’’) to over 240mm (9.45’’), from the smallest multi-valve motorcyle cylinder heads to the largest cylinder heads weighing up to 3 tons or more.
• machine stellite valve seats at high speeds with CBN inserts for unparalleled geometry
- not permited by any other system.
• adjust actual valve seat angles at will, every one hundredth of degree.
• incomparable precision, flexibility and u
ser friendliness.
• attain PERFECT SEAL between the valve seat and its valve, the first time, WITHOUT LAPPING.
• guaranteed concentricity owing to NEWEN’s Patented centering system.
• guaranteed circularity, within 3 microns per 100mm increment, even on valve seats as large as 200mm in diameter.
• unparalleled speed of execution : 1 to 3 minutes to machine a 170mm valve seat.
• constant speed guarantees perfection each and every time, particularly critical on large diameter valve seats - not permited by any other system.



FIXED-TURNING® for the highest quality
  • numerically controlled axes driven by satellite roller screwsand servo-motors of the latest generation. A precision of the tool travelling by interpolation is measured in thousandths of mm.

  • Z-axis ( 327 mm / 12.87’’) Pantograph™ system (Patented) allows to raise or lower the machine head and spindle at the level of the valve seat to machine. The Pantograph™ is balanced and its movements are pneumatically assisted in order to conserve maximum feel
    while introducing the centering pilot within the valve guide. The Pantograph™ gives added rigidity to the whole machining head and provides a lot of flexibility. Increased machining precision. A NEWEN® exclusive.

  • NEWEN FIXED-TURNING® machining head featuring patented friction-free, pinion-free and maintenance-free kinematics, capable of machining with the highest degree of precision, year after year. Pilot centered and held by an original and particularly efficient crush sleeve system.

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FT 01.jpg
Precision in every component and detail 
  • The spindle glides through a spherical housing supported by a double air cushion, spherical and plane. The combination between the rotation of the sphere and its movement on the x and y axes allows the sphere to take any position inspace, without any constraint, and to align itself perfectly with respect to the valve guide. Automatic centering with programmable temporization. Automatic re-centering of the spindle with pneumatic jacks.

  • Machine head, pressurized by constant air fl ow for protection of all the precision mechanical components against metallic operating dusts.

  • Electronic and electric components interconnected with quick plugs. Electronics entirely protected with stand alone suspended shock-proof cabinet. Electronics conceived and produced by NEWEN ®.

  • Solid honeycomb-design machine upper ways confers stability, longevity and precision to the machine.

Improved ergonomics :
  • Modular upper bench to accommodate smaller size cylinder heads, Featured with SGC200M , palletizable™, 360° double-angle manual rollover clamping fixture. Allows quick positioning of most cylinder heads regardless of the valve guide angles. Also allows to simply raise cylinder heads to any desired level and to roll them over for various jobs. This patented system is quick, universal, very rigid, user friendly and does not put any stress on cylinder heads owing to its independant jaws and spherical collet system.

  • Heavy duty table to accomodate cylinder heads weighing up to 2 tons and more. Simple, fast and efficient pneumatic lock to ensure effortless positioning of any cylinder head.

  • Built-in low-voltage multipoint lightning (LEDs) - cold light. The work area is paricularly well lit, the control of the finished work is improved and, consequently, the operator’s fatigue is reduced.

  • 15’’ Fanless Industrial PC of the latest generation, IP65, with built-in flat touch-screen. A user-friendly and intuitive dialogue between the machine and the operator. Unlimited memory capacity.

  • Control panel fitted with push-buttons, protected by an interchangeable lexan, and a multifunctional electronic wheel. Precision. Reliability

  • Stress relieved welded frame coated with industrial resin, resistant to any chemical agent (High frequency stabilization during welding).

Newen multipoint lighting LED
EPOC-XL 02 v2 1000px.png

Technical Characteristics

NEWEN® EPOC-VISION™ : 2-Axis Single Point CNC Valve Seat & Guide Machine.



X-Axis, machine head travel,

longitudinal head travel (distance from guide                                   1320mm (51.97”)1240mm (48.82”)

to guide - X)

Y-Axis, machine head travel                                                                 80mm (3.15”)

Y’-Axis, machine parallels travel,                                                         340mm (13.39”)

mounted on linear ways

Z-Axis, machine head travel (vertical travel),                                       327mm (12.87”)

mounted on linear ways

Z’-Axis, spindle sheath travel (for                                                         95mm (3.74”)

machining purposes only)

X-Axis, carriage travel, automatic carriage                                         

displacement radius 22 mm in diameter                                             11mm (0.43”)

(ex : if tool set with a diameter of 20 mm, max machining dia

without repositoning p holder 42mm) 

Machining capacity                                                                                13.5mm - 240mm (0.53” - 9.45”)

Valve guide reaming capacity                                                               90mm (3.54”)

Possible Profiles                                                                                     unlimited

Material to be machined                                                                       Any material, from aluminum to tempered steels

Spindle rotation speed                                                                          10-3500 Rpm

Spindle motor                                                                                        5 HP

Spindle, Feed and Carriage motors                                                    Servo Motors

Hydraulic unit                                                                                         200 Bars (2,900psi)

PC                                                                                                           15 ‘‘Industrial type with touch screen

Connections                                                                                          RS232 – Ethernet Centronics – USB

Operating System                                                                                 Windows 10

Electronic suspended cabinet with interchangeable fi lter

Built-in low-voltage multipoint lighting (LEDs)

Electronic depth gauge LVDT

Numerical control                                                                                 NEWEN®

Software                                                                                                 NEWEN®


Maximum height (w/o removing pilot)                                                810mm (31.89”)

Maximum length                                                                                   unlimited

Maximum width                                                                                     unlimited


Maximum machine height                                                                    2300mm (90.55”)

Maximum machine width                                                                     2500mm (98.43”)

Maximum machine depth                                                                    2215mm (87.21”)

Machine net weight                                                                              1750 Kg

Machine gross weight                                                                           2050 Kg

Voltage                                                                                                   220V Single Phase,

50-60 Hz

Air Pressure Mini 6 bars, 90 Psi


Height 2300mm

Depth 2500mm

Length 1800mm

FIXED-TURNING® Capabilities

FIXED-TURNING® and its numerical control, it is the possibility to achieve the impossible in a profitable and
repetitive fashion. A technology for all.

To machine all the cam bucket bore housings to oversize dimension in order to insert sleeves in the housings is a simple operation, precise and profitable with FIXED-TURNING®.

To machine the seats of Mercedes Actros decompressor valves, “it’s child’s play”.

Machine all high-precision valve seat counterbores with one same cutting tool. To prepare valve seat housings in all types of cylinder heads, cast iron or aluminum, aprecise and profi table job for all the FIXED-TURNING® professionals.

Capabilities 01.JPG
Capabilities 02.JPG

Another NEWEN exclusive: the machining of Spark Plug Housing.

IMG_8773 (1).PNG
Capabilities 04.JPG

Machining of Venturis to accelerate the speed of gases.

Capabilities 05.JPG

Machine with precision all types of valve guides (cast irons, powdered metals, bronze, any alloys...). Ream valve guides with utmost precision, along with valve seat machining, or alone as a separate operation.

Capabilities 08.JPG

KOMATSU Natural Gas Cylinder Head
Valve Seat Hardness: 56/58HRC
(573HB+ / 610HV50+)
- Insert used: FT-11-11
- Cutting Speed: 180 m/min
- Machining Mode: Dry Cut
- Cutting Cycle: 28 sec/seat
- Circularity : 1μ to 2.40μ
- Surface Finish: 0.20Ra

KOMATSU siege  log zoom.jpg

Create OFFSET profi les at will...

Capabilities 07.JPG

Opt for FIXED-TURNING® Perfection, a technology for all and gain access to endless business opportunities...
Your assurance of success!

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